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TMZ: Joan Rivers in critical condition after heart stops during throat surgery in New York

TMZ reports that Joan Rivers is in critical condition after she stopped breathing Thursday during throat surgery in New York.

From TMZ:

We're told ... at one point, Joan's heart stopped beating. 
It's unclear if doctors were able to restart the comic's heart.

Above is a 2009 video interview I did with Rivers just before she appeared at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami.

Here’s the People page interview that accompanied it:


riversHer face has, hmmm, changed over the years, but the way she talks is vintageJoan Rivers.

``Someone told me -- and I hate the term -- stars have very distinct voices. You know Cher, immediately. You knowLiza, immediately,'' says Rivers, who performs Wednesday night in Miami. ``When I was a little girl, I picked up the phone and someone said, `Little boy, put your mother on.' I almost died. Now,Chastity Bono would have loved that!''

Johnny Carson put Rivers on the map, booking her on The Tonight Showin 1965. Two decades later, she became his permanent guest host.

When Rivers learned she wouldn't succeed Carson at NBC, she signed in 1986 with the new Fox network, to become its first late-night talk host -- and directly compete with him.

Carson stopped speaking to her.

``He was not a nice man,'' Rivers says. ``I called him and he hung up on me. He kept a feud going for 16 years. You suddenly saw why Johnny got to be Johnny.''

Rivers' talk show lasted six months. And she's blunt about the man whodid replace Carson, Jay Leno, calling his comedy ``boring.''

``I like Leno because once I watch the show, I won't be able to handle heavy machinery for a couple of hours. I never watch it,'' Rivers says. ``A Leno punch line is like seeing Aretha Franklin coming at you on the beach. You can see it a long way off.''

Brooklyn-born Rivers, 76, still lives in New York, though she's on the road about two weeks a month. When in town, she performs Wednesdays in a 97-seat Hell's Kitchen nightclub.

Over the summer, Rivers taped two episodes in Miami Beach of her TV Land reality series, How'd You Get So Rich?, in which she visits the fancy homes of wealthy celebrities.

She says she'll go anywhere for the show. ``If there's a really rich Eskimo, I'm there. `Now that's what I call an igloo!' ''

Rivers says she's never jealous of the rich celebs.

``Everybody made it on their own. I love people like that,'' she says. ``I hate people that say, `I can't do it.' `I came from a broken home.' `My father was a drunk.'

``I love what I do, that's why I don't consider it work. Everybody says, `When are you going to retire?' I say to do what? Tell jokes to the mailman?''

Rivers says her New York penthouse on East 62nd Street off Fifth Avenue is still for sale. Asking price: $25 million.

``For $30 [million], you get the furniture. For $35 [million], I will work for you for a year. For $40 [million], you get me to perform once a week in your living room.''


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is hard to get parts for the older models.......

She is addictive to surgery and asking for trouble.

Thank God, 50 years of her crowing voice and ugly face is enough punishment for the human race.

Why r people so vicious. This woman is a pioneer. These days people only like whats the fad of the day (BUNCH OF SHEEP). Thank god for this woman, shes an american. One of a few that beleives in freedom of speech she just does it wiith humor.God bless her and her family my prayers are with you.

Posted by: UR Deaf dumb and blind August 30, 2014 AT 10:00

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