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Google Glass at a cocktail party

I took Glass out to a party last night -- a reception for Frank Mora, the new head of the Latin American & Caribbean Center at Florida International University -- and confirmed what I suspected would happen all along: Glass gets confused when a lot of people are talking at the same time.

The cocktail party din thwarted even my best efforts to dictate a photo caption, and then post it on voice command. The monitor kept displaying a request to say it again, with no success.

So I waited until I left the party to post this photo to Twitter. I have yet to figure out how to have Glass post both the picture and the text to Twitter, so I added a caption later.

Separately, I'm still tinkering with FullScreen Beam and have yet to master posting a video directly from Glass to YouTube. I brought Glass home and downloaded the clip below. It's audible although perhaps not the best audio of Mora talking about his vision of a community tackling the issues of Latin America and the Caribbean from his center. 


To capture it I had to be a bit conspicous. I walked to the front of the cocktail party crowd, regretably obscuring some folks' view, as I stood not-quite close enough to get the quality I seek.

Lastly, the Glass itself is still causing a sensation.

The bartender and other staff at Graziano's, where the party took place, recognized it immediately and sought me out to chat about it. Some remembered last month's front-page Miami Herald article. Staff from FIU were curious about it too, and a colleague mugged for the camera above my eyebrow. Some people wanted to know when they could get one too. Others winced at the cost -- $1,633.12, plus the price of getting to and from New York City to get it, and get set up. Overall, though, like most places I go with it, it was a subject of curiosity. 

I know my status right now is as a Glass Explorer.
But I feel more and more like the title should be Glass Explainer.


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