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Google Glass tour for McClatchy Interactive

Here's a video I made in advance of a conference call today to show my Glass to about 100 employees across McClatchy newspapers who work on interactive projects. The initial idea was to do the tour live. But some at McClatchy haven't embraced The Hangout yet, and the conference call manager went with an abundance-of-caution pretape approach instead. 

Which brings me to one of the biggest challenges that I think Glass faces in this Beta, Explorer phase: Google+.

My company uses GMail but does not at this stage allow it to interact with Google+. So, in my world, Google+ is still a fairly foreign platform. As an Explorer I of course have an independent non-Herald Google+ account -- carolrosenbergtmh. I open it separately on a different tab on Chrome.  But I spend a fair amount of energy posting elsewhere -- here on Typepad, through Youtube and Twitter, which is currently very popular with the Miami Herald's interactive team.

Soon we're going to put a widget on my MiamiHerald Guantánamo webpage, the one I manage on our main website, that will bring you back to this blog, called News on Google Glass. It's run by yet another system, Typepad.


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