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Veterans Day pro-tip for #GoogleGlass users: Remember not to nod

One of the hardest things to get used to as a print reporter using Google Glass is to suppress the instinct to nod during an interview. Think about it: You're wearing a camera on your face and looking the person you are interviewing in the eye. You want them to do the same, look you in the eye, but ignore the camera you're wearing on your face.

Here's Army Staff Sgt Victor Arvizu, an Iraq and Afghanistan combat medic now working as a health tech at a Veteran Administration clinic in Florida, talking to me about what it's like to be a Veteran today for a story I did on a new program that'll help him become a registered nurse in just one year. And he was great as I tried to keep my head steady and convey understanding without the usual nod.


The other challenge, which takes some time, is to try to lower your volume asking questions to match it to the person you're interviewing, who's not as close to the microphone. As you can see, Victor wasn't the least bit rattled by the peculiar looking camera atop my eyeglasses. Part of it I attribute to pulling it out and showing him the device a bit as I asked permission to put it on. Part of it was probably because Victor, as a 20-year soldier, prepared for our interview with a bit of research that uncovered I was an Explorer who encountered some obstacles using it at my day job, covering Guantanamo news for the Miami Herald. In the military, they call that kind of preparation "situational awareness." And Victor came to our Veterans Day conversation with the confidence of someone who had thought and planned ahead.



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We would love to get our hands on these Google glasses. I give it a couple more years before they make phones, cameras and regular glasses obsolete.


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