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My Glass is back, personalized

I sent my Explorer's edition in for an upgrade and then got the new titanium frames for my eyeglass lenses. (Selfie to come.)

Now, with my prescription built into the device there's no more need to jam them on top of my ordinary glasses. But it also means others can't give them a try unless they somehow happen to have my progressive prescription.

On balance I'm already glad that I made the investment, and took the time out of "exploring: to do it. Not only does it look less geeky, it's more comfortable to wear -- and spares me the debate on whehter to bother with contact lenses.

So I took my Glass to the Miami Herald's annual meeting today and got back in Google Glass exploring. 

I captured some video of the scene -- inside our new print plant in Miami's Doral suburb --  the vantage point of the boss, Publisher David Landsberg, as well as the crowd lining up for coffee. 

It was early in the morning and we are a news organization, afterall. So the colleagues were mostly indulgent, or amused. With the new frames it's less obtrusive but you can't miss that little light that indicates I'm filming or snapping a shot. Below are two staff photographers. Okay, maybe they're not amused but they did seem rather intrigued.Grifncarl

And here was the scene for the publisher's Q & A from my seat in the third row.


In terms of the device, it still needs to run off a Bluetooth or Wifi to post, something that's a bit finicky. But I'm going to work my way back to that down the road, perhaps at a sports event.


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