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#Glass goes to Memorial Day in DC

My latest batch of minders at Guantanamo, mobilized soldiers led by a reserve U.S. Navy public affairs officer, have spurned my efforts to use Google Glass. So I took it for a walk through some veteran sites on Memorial Day in human-interest rich Washington D.C. -- where the military would not dare try to wield a censor's knife. 

The camera's eye scans wide and by standing still I was able to capture, with great simplicity,20140526_155105_114[1] the scene at Arlington Cemetery's Plot 60, where the post 9/11 fallen now rest.
I still haven't learned, however, to tie my hair back while filming on a windy day.

Another clip, below, lasts just 10 seconds in my continuing effort to command this new technology. For this one, stood under a tree scanning the scene with Google Glass then suddenly noticed someone hung a faux dog tag memorializing a soldier.  The sound you hear in this short 10-second clip is the plane passing overhead. 


But perhaps my favorite image from this eve-of-Guantanamo trip was a snap I took with iPhone (Sorry, Glass) over at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It was the brightest part of the day and I didn't want to switch out of my sunglasses to squint through Glass.

I hadn't even planned to take any pictures. But, just as I was marveling at the reflection of the finally unwrapped Washington Monument, this little girl walked past doing what we all want to do -- feel the letters, connect with the stone.

So I snapped this before her mom scooped her up and headed the other way.




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