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The Democratic Art of Self-Destruction

    The Democrats continue their interminable march toward oblivion, about to be done in, once again, by their own peevishness.

     The party's disparate parts just can't abide that the others just can't see it their way. Hillary's sulking troops, refusing to acknowledge the reality of the numbers, intend to fight on, clear to the convention, even if it wrecks the Democrat's chances to take the White House. As if futility, in politics, can be a noble cause.

Eight years ago, the party's purists showed those Al Gore Democrats a thing or two. Ralph Nader took more votes from Al Gore in Florida than all the butterfly ballots and hanging chads combined. It was a triumph of the impetuous and self-absorbed over those who would suffer an ignoble compromise.

If the results of the 2000 election and all the wars and chaos its spawned was painful, it wasn't painful enough. Apparently, there's some self-destructive gene embedded in Democratic DNA. Hillary's seething, never-say-die supporters need to ask themselves: What happens if they win?  If they are able, by twisting arms and concocting back-room deals and manipulating the superdelegates, to thwart Obama, then what?  She limps into November without the college kids who flocked to Obama, without many of the college-educated young professions who poured prodigious amounts of money into his campaign. Worst of all, black votes, the most loyal, most dependable wing of the party, will withdraw with a sense of betrayal.

Meanwhile, those white blue collar male voters who gave her states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, are more likely to vote for McCain than Hillary come November. Bill Clinton, remember, only pulled 41 percent of that elusive white male vote the last time the Democrats won a national election.

Of course, if Obama wins, older women voters, the block that often decides elections, will be seething over their own notion of betrayal. And come November, they'll show those upstarts, the traitors turned their backs on Hillary.

Internecine warfare has become the way of the party. It's the new party ethic. And it's begins to looks as if, instead of happy delegates marching toward party unity, angry mobs are descending on the convention in Denver. As if the gathering had been orchestrated by Karl Rove.


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In the know

Fred: You are doing nothing more than playing into the hands of the Republicans. America is fed up with a Bush 3rd term and would elect a cat if it were on the democratic ticket. Make no mistake. Dems will be united once they get past the primaries and Obama will be in the White House despite the efforts of the "swiftboaters" to discredit him.


"Of course if Obama wins, older woman voters, the block that often decides elections, will be seething." You have that part right. But just a minute. Where have you been? We have been seething for some time now as we see the media in full misogynistic throat caroling the Obama rhetoric and urging Hillary to step out of His Righteous way. Or else she and her troops are "sulking", damaging the party, thwarting the rightful crowning of the new new thing, the country's newest rock star. Obama is seen as fighting, but Hillary is sulking. The negative garbage heaped on Hillary by the Obama camp and so frequently supported by the media from the begining is disgusting. ( Bill Mahr, Chris Matthew to name a couple) And now, with Obama limping to the finish and likely to lose to McCain you in the media support the overwhelmingly undemocratic actions of the DNC with their half votes and peevishly growl for Hillary to just shut up lest we lose to the Republicans. Well guess what. I for one regard truth, respect, democracy and a fair fight to be of more value than having Obama and that bunch of clowns running the Democrat's back room screwing up the governance of the country. The media was enthralled by the uber liberal rock star from the back rooms of Chicago and he could do no wrong. I can't even write some of the vile things that were said and printed about Hillary but lets just say that they are all too frequently applied to all women in this culture. So, yes I take it personally and the Democrats will do without my vote. Mine and more than a few of my friends.

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