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Why Don't We Quit, At, Say, 100 Million

The embattled activists pushing the Hometown Democracy Amendment, which would keep city and county commissions from veering outside the bounds of their growth management plans without voter approval, argue that despite what their critics claim, the amendment would not bring an abrupt halt to growth and new development in Florida.

Lesley Blackner, a Palm Beach County land use attorney and a leader of the amendment drive, points to a 1999 university study that added up the density allowances for all 470 land use plans adopted by Florida's county and city governments. The combined plans have room for 101 million residents. That's where we'd draw the population line if Florida adopts the Hometown Democracy Amendment -- 101 million.

Imagine the economic disaster facing Florida if developers are limited to building new homes for only 83 million more residents. No wonder the chamber of commerce folks are in just a tizzy.

Here's a 1999 Tampa Tribune story about the teeming masses to come. Download 100_million.txt 



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