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Honey, Instead of Spending Money on Gasoline, I'll Just Take The Bus

Sure, $4-a-gallon gas has caused thousands of South Florida commuters to abandon their beloved SUVs and settle for the cheaper alternatives of mass transportation. But clearly  riding with hoards of unwashed peasants, especially for the SoBe set, has about as much cache as an afternoon at WalMart.

No longer. Christine Morteh, if the Miami Beach cops who busted the 29-year-old Miramar innovator are right, has singlehandedly transformed mass transportation into the most satisfying mode ever of getting from Point A to Point B. Via Point XXX.

Her big, chrome and black mini-bus crawled through traffic, stocked with liquor, with young women in G-strings offering everything from lap dances to outright sexual intercourse. All to make your commute both memorable and enjoyable.

All this, and the passenger gets the added satisfaction from knowing that his Hummer is at home, not spewing carbon or devouring gasoline. Ms. Morteh was simultaneously operating the hottest bus line ever while doing her best to combat global warming. Maybe she can persuade the judge her well-meaning transgression was inspired by An Inconvenient Truth.


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Hey, if they are adults then I don't see what the problem is.


This is so classic. Just when you think Miami is cleaning up its image, the bus pulls up. I also think that the people who were running this should be given a trophy for the stupidest criminals ever. Did they trully think they were not going to get caught? Maybe somebody should have told them that it is not the 1980's anymore.

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