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Coping With the Rubio Reality

The hiring of Marco Rubio has its defenders. Despite a budget that the Speaker of the House, as much as anybody in the state, devastated. But a letter-to-the-editor from an associate professor of history, Brian Peterson, praised Rubio for "seeking new ways to make government more efficient" and - this is my favorite - because he is "not afraid to try new ways to improve education and the condition of the poor."

Improving education? The Miami-Dade School Board has fairly blown apart trying to pare down the school budget in order to deal with the Rubio reality. No matter how the demagogues on the board rave, there is no way to balance the district budget without laying off teachers and eliminating program, many of which are precisely designed to enhance education of the county's poorest students.

Of course, FIU has had to layoff 38 staff members even while hiring Rubio. Presumably, Professor Peterson survived this round of cuts. I wonder what his unemployed former colleagues think about his letter that applauded the hiring of a term-limited politician while they collect unemployment.

The response in my e-mail basket differed considerably from Professor Peterson. My favorite missive was from a Miamian named Richard:

One of a university's responsibilities is to prepare students for their future, by loading them up with information and theories that have no meaning in the real world.

What has happened with the Rubio appointment, and I think you may have missed FIUs curriculum strategy, is to teach the students how the real world works.

It may lead to a re-birth of the Machiavellian strategy teachings, and the book, The Prince may become popular on campus as students search for the meaning of life.

But, the real story, as seen by FIU's shrinkage, and the series of failures on a statewide basis of every department of government, is the complete failure of the Republican Party's program for government.

Jeb Bush stated that he would feel successful if all the Florida State Buildings in Tallahassee were empty. The "Starve the Beast" philosophy.  Well we have had over eight years of it in Florida, and the lessons learned, if not learned, will haunt us. Our children are the victims.

Rubio did not create the destructive programs. He only supported them  Once you cut off the revenue stream, you only have to blame the budget.

But, take heart.  There are over 150 mega yachts under construction and they will soon be added to the worlds fleet of over 500 mega yachts. They really needed those tax cuts, because, otherwise, because with the increased cost of diesel fuel, they may have had to spend less time at sea.

With the Republican Party's promise of the trickle down effect, the yachts will create enough jobs for everyone.



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