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All The News, Unfit To Print

    The loathsome wash of modern politics has engulfed a 17-year-old kid.

    She's pregnant, normally not a situation worthy of news bulletins rivaling coverage of a Category 3 hurricane. But Bristol Palin's also the daughter of John McCain's running mate. McCain's campaign outed the teenager, apparently to quiet rumors churning through the blogosphere that Sarah Palin's youngest child, born in April, was actually Bristol's. This second pregnancy may humiliate Bristol but it eclipses a major distraction.

   And news editors can now rationalize paying so much attention to an unseemly matter because the girl's unplanned pregnancy lends us "insight" into her mother, someone who happens to be a new actor on the national stage.

   That strikes me as an thin excuse for an exercise in crass titillation. I don't much like Jane Palin immoderate politics -- particularly her disdain for evolution -- but her daughter's deportment is scant evidence of Sarah Palin's character or her faulty family values.  We all know better. We all know upstanding conscientious attentive parents whose teenage children have gone irrationally berserk. We know kids from fine families who've become 17-year-old tattooed skin-head drug peddlers.

    Besides, I doubt Bristol's misadventures in love hardly compare to, say, my own 17th year. I was on my own down in Mississippi in perpetual pursuit of girls and beer and gas money for my 1958 Ford.  I'll say that my behavior would have pretty well disqualified anyone in my extended family from any hope of elective office.

   Maybe we ought to limit media criticism of young Bristol to bloggers who can certified that they spent their 17th year as virgins. The rest of us would be stuck dealing with issues that actually matter.


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Dave Perry

I am happy John McCain Picked a conservative woman. Too many liberals are killing our country. Liberal law, immoral people getting away with murder. For instance: Liberal Law has gone to far with the Michael Hernandez trial a Teenage kid that brutally murdered another kid in a South Miami middle school
I just heard on the Radio that this monster kid is probably going to get aquitted in his Orlando trial. The people in Orlando do not know how brutal Michael was when he killed that poor kid. He reminds me of the kid from Halloween. They need to punish him more for what he did, not use that sissy mentally challenged defense, the kid needs to see the electric chair and then fry!
you can visit www.blogsomebody.com for more news about this sad case.

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