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Putting Lip Gloss On Preemptive War


    Hey. I'm from West Virginia. I ain't no ivy-educated elitist. But I know a little something about the Bush Doctrine.

    Maybe I'm asking too much, but I'd sort of like us to have a president - or the vice president of a 72-year-old cancer-survivor - to know more about foreign policy than I do.

    Let me take it a step further. I’d prefer one of those smarty-pants elitists. As long as we’re hiring someone to pull off the complex job in the universe, why not go with one of those guys who was studying hard, dazzling the teachers, making the law review, doing all the serious stuff while the rest of us were in hard pursuit of life’s temporal pleasures.

     But apparently, 2008 is shaping up to be a bad year for the brainy set what with their tendencies to give nuanced answers to complex questions. Nothing drives the electorate crazier than intellectuals who get all bogged down thinking about long-range consequences.

    In her first sit-down interview on ABC Thursday, Sarah Palin’s scripted answers didn’t quite fit the questions but I doubt that hurt her election prospects one bit. What Americans are looking for, in a president or vice president, is someone who’ll shoot first and think later. Come to think of it, that pretty well sums up the Bush Doctrine.


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In the know



Just one comment on the "Bush Doctrine" for you "good old boys". It has never been implemented. Afghanistan was invaded because the government [Taliban] was harboring the group who had declared war upon the United States and murdered 3000 people on American soil, thereby making themselves, at best, accessories to mass murder. The 1993 invasion of Iraq was, in fact, a continuation of the 1991 Gulf War. That war did not end in an armistice, but rather in a cease fire. That cease fire was to continue as long as Saddam Hussein met certain obligations. He failed to do so; denying UN weapons inspectors access to the country, targeting and firing on US aircraft patrolling the no-fly zone, etc. Despite repeated warnings of a pending invasion, this moron continued to violate the provisions of the cease fire and the Gulf War came to a conclusion.

Therefor, the United States has not made a preemptive strike upon any country during the Bush Administration.

Now, about knowledge being a requirement for office, I would like to have a PRESIDENT who knows how many states are in the union [the answer is 50, not 58] and can remember what religion he adheres to [Christian? not Muslim].

The truth is pretty Grimm around here.

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