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Wall Street Fixes The Immigration Conundrum

If the forbidden word “immigrant” passes through the lips of Barack Obama or John McCain lately, it’s emitted as a hurried, barely discernible mumble, the way an errant husband might not wish to make it quite so clear, without actually lying, that his sexy young secretary will be accompanying him on his next business trip.
Just a year ago, it seemed that illegal immigration would be the divisive and decisive issue in the presidential campaign.
Among the Republicans, one candidate, U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado, was running exclusively as the tough guy who would get very tough – on uninvited, undocumented foreign workers pouring across our borders.
Anybody seen Tom lately? At the Republican National Convention, Tancredo was apparently locked in the attic, like crazy Aunt Tilda.
Immigration, the giant scary talking point of 2007, fizzled in 2008, though echoes of the Republican’s unkind utterances cost the party a sizeable percentage of the strategically important Hispanic vote. (It must have been a relief that immigration faded from campaign speeches to Republicans in South Florida, who would rather not remind the nation of the peculiar two-tier wet-foot dry-foot policy toward illegal immigration nurtured hereabouts – very friendly to Cuban refugees, very unfriendly to others.)
Democrats, meanwhile, were perfectly happy staying mum, anxious to keep their Hispanic faction happy but not wishing to remind disgruntled, struggling industrial belt Democrats that they were all a part of one big rainbow coalition.
Immigration went away.
And apparently, so did the immigrants.
The Pew Hispanic Center reports that the influx of illegal immigration has dropped 25 percent. And the Wall Street Journal reported today that thousands of undocumented immigrants residing in the U.S. but unable to find work, are returning home.
Our cadre of super-brilliant investment bankers on Wall Street may have cost us hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to clean up the remnants of their big party, but give them credit. They solved the one issue that had befuddled the nation’s leading politicians.


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