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Don't Know Nothin' Bout Birthin' Old Stereotypes

    Contemplating the election of Barack Obama, the conservative columnist Kathleen Parker reprised a sentiment last read in respectable journals in 1965.

      Parker recalls her personal, childhood realization of the wrongs black citizens endured in the old segregated South by the mistreatment of her own black nanny.

      It was a heartfelt memory, I’m sure, dredged up by the election of a Barack Obama. But such stories were once such a brutal cliché of southern white enlightenment that it made my toes curl as I read it.  It also recalled the peculiar exceptionalism that priveledge southerner once added to conversations about race: “It not that I’m a racist. I loved my old black Auntie Sallie who practically raised me.”

    I was embarrassed at the recollections. But read it yourself. Then have a mint julep and maybe rent a DVD of Gone With the Wind.

      The link, via the Washington Post, is:



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