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Why Bother With Education?

My occasional correspondent Clark responded to my column on the de-funding of higher education with a brutally succinct message:Education doesn't matter Fred.

What matters is keeping those in power in power.

Education costs money; implying taxes. The absolute here is "negative". Not gonna do that.

But don't even go there. The only result in education (for Floridians who vote) is to vomit out pointy headed intellectual liberals. You don't need an education to preach the gospel, to turn a screwdriver, to flip a burger, to vote Republican.

Fred Grimm, why on God's earth do we need education in Florida? I suggest we tear down all the scools we have in Florida. Sell the lumber (if termite infestation allows) and bricks. Build condos on the land left behind. We do not need education. Most of us are retired.

Read Chairman Mao. He knew what counted and he insisted on it.


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