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Where's The Evil Stepmother When We Need One

     Bertrand Delanoë, the mayor of Paris, apparently didn’t write the letter published in the New York Times Monday that criticized the possible (as in done deal) appointment of Carolyn Kennedy to finish out the last two years of Hillary Clinton’s term in the U.S. Senate.
     The hoax letter called the notion “both surprising and not very democratic, to say the least.” Mayor Bertie didn’t write the letter (the subject of an embarrassing correction on the Times’ editorial page) but his fictitious sentiments were right on.
      The idea that the children of political leaders have some inherent right to a democratically elected office is not only abhorrent in theory. After eight years of the younger George Bush, we’ve got hard evidence that it’s not only undemocratic but foolhardy. Of course, it’s a lesson that should have been learned after John Quincy Adams became our first legacy prez. (Though, it must be said, Adams had been a dandy secretary of state before becoming an ineffective president. After all, he engineered our acquisition of Florida.)
     I wonder if our embrace of Kennedy or Bush dynasties might have be rooted in the fairy tales with which we brainwash our young children. The stories and Disney kiddie movies pursue a relentless theme of princes and princesses struggling to claim their rightful thrones after they were denied by some evil conspirator their blood-right to reign over their inherited land and inherited peasants. We grow up with the rights of royalty ingrained in our subconscious.
     We just had eight dismal years of a real life prince. We don’t need a princess.


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