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Guns Are Way, Way, Way Down His To-Do List

An odd narcissism fuels the run on guns, as firearm enthusiasts pack gun show and gun shops, telling reporters they fear that the president elect intends to “take away our guns.”
They imagine this amid the worst economic downtown since the Great Depression. Investment banks are disappearing. Car manufacturers and their vast network of subsidiary businesses are teetering into bankruptcy. And last month a half million American jobs vanished into the ether, bringing the losses in 2008 to two million. And counting.
Democrats are plainly cowed by the NRA, despite polls that indicate an overwhelming number of Americans would prefer at least moderate controls on the military-style weaponry and the particular deadly ammunition legally sold in the U.S. Under the best of circumstances, the Democrats wouldn’t wish to mess with the gun lobby. The idea that in the Obama, in such an atmosphere, would fritter away his precious political capital in lieu of say, an economic stimulus package, is unthinkable.
He inherits a broken banking system, two wars, global warming, a broken health care system, decaying infrastructure, a giant trade deficit, a $10 trillion debt, declining manufacturing, terrorist threats, a tenuous relationship with an unruly Russia, an immigration conundrum, the perpetual crisis with Israel’s occupied lands, a looming energy crisis.
Yet the gun nuts think Obama comes into office with a secret agenda aimed at taking away their firearms. Of course, the gun manufacturers wallow in this strange strain of paranoia, which created a mini-boom (in more ways than one) in gun sales while other enterprises are flagging.
The gun people can’t quite grasp the cold political reality. They are just not that important.


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Mr Grimm:
Let me ask you to consider that unlike you, some of us view the current situation as "dire".
You seem to relish in portraying "gun nuts" as a fringe group of paranoid bigots. Yet the statistics show that the majority of Americans support the second amendment, and see the rapid deterioration of our society as a warning sign.
A lot of people disagree with your cocktail-party friendly vision of our society and the role of government.
When the moment comes, liberal journalists, pundits, the education mafia, and assorted fellow travelers always get it wrong. Then you wring your hands and spend the next news cycle trying to figure out how you got it so wrong.

New flash, Sparky: This place is going to blow up. There is a thin veneer of control, but that will disappear when the economic S**t hits the fan and you get 20% unemployment.

Good luck keeping your family safe with your wit. I'll take my 9mm and let you call me names.

You don't get it

Your ongoing liberal rants started to ring hollow about the time I cancelled my subscription in May 2007. In case you didn't notice, I was not alone.

The only way The Miami Herald, a once-great newspaper, will recover its former reputation is if its editorial board, its columnists and its editors realize this is a center-right country.

Argue that Obama won and that disproves what I contend if you want. I would counter that Obama ran as a centrist promising tax cuts to 95 percent of the population and that gay marriage was soundly defeated everywhere it was on the ballot. You left-wing journalist loons don't understand that we want coverage that doesn't seem to loathe America, religion, guns, traditional families, Christmas, Hannakuh, work ethic, honor and patriotism.

Try it. Your circulation might rebound. Otherwise you'll be out of business within three years.

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