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Bailing Out The Miami Dolphins

     Under the enticing headline “Real Estate Kings Belly Up To Aid Trough,” the New York Post reported last week that some leading Manhattan developers were lobbying Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson to cut them in on the federal bailout bonanza: “Real-estate moguls are asking for billions in loans through a separate $200 billion pool of government cash set up for credit-card companies, auto makers and student loans.”
     The first mogul listed in the Post story might ring a bell in South Florida – Stephen Ross of the Related Cos. Ross, despite the need for a federal hand-out, seems to have discovered enough cash under the sofa cushions to buy the Miami Dolphins.
     At the very least, Henry Paulson should stipulate that before he writes a check to Related, Ross must stipulate that Bill Parcells must stay in Miami.


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Ross looks and acts like a sleeze bag. This just confirms what a low life jerk that he is.

What a shame that this trash has to come in and tarnish the Dolphins. Too bad that he couldn't take his Kansas City Chiefs failure of a friend and go buy the Jets. I guess that even they have more class than to associate with his type.


what a jerkoff! the man has the nerve to ask for federal bailout but has $500 million to screw up our team. beat it Ross. we don't want you here


The Ross picture is all starting to make sense. I was wondering what type of person would want to be friends with Carl Peterson. The kind of person that tries to cheat the taxpayers out of billions of dollars when he has enough money to buy a major US sports team.

The US is in such sad shape. Ross made all his money from real estate speculation. Now, that his decisions didn't make him all the money he wanted, he cries to the governent? Ridiculous.

All these people want all the benefits of taking chances without any of the risks. That shouldn't be how this country works. In Roullette, if you bet on red and it comes up black, you can't ask the casino for a bailout.

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