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No Wonder Jeff's Planes Were Empty

     Jeff Kottkamp’s extravagant use of aircraft, using state airplanes like his private limo, included his wife, his kid, his bodyguard and a cargo hold stuffed with irony.  A reader, who happens to be a state employee, e-mailed an fine explanation on why the airplanes sent to fetch the lieutenant governor from Fort Myers from Tallahassee were often empty.

      The state employee wrote:

The remainder of state govt. operates at great sacrifice to help offset these expenses.  You may recall the recent special legislative session passing SB 44-A, expressing state policy that appropriated funds used for travel by state employees be limited, until July 1, 2009, to travel for activities that are critical to the state agency's mission.

Maybe the state plane flies empty because the remainder of state govt. is not allowed
to travel at all.


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