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The Perfect New Address For Our Erstwhile Masters of the Universe

 An old editor from my West Virginia days, the brilliant and cantankerous Ray Evans, sent along what he calls a "Modest Proposal For Recycling Gitmo Now 
That The "Terrorists" Will Be Moving On." I can't think of a better use. Ray writes:
 I believe the American public would be 
wholeheartedly in favor of filling Gitmo with
Wall Street CEOs and founders of hedge fund and
ponzi schemes.

Make them tell us where they hid all that
money, and make them give those bonuses back.

Even Obama would agree waterboarding would
be too good for the self-described "Masters of The

Maybe Vladimir Putin might be willing to
loan us some of expertise in reigning in anti-state
	Ray, generously, donated the idea to the food bank of topic-starved newspaper columnists. He suggested that it could become a major project:
  Mix in a little "Catch 22" with your gonzo
style, add a fillip of Kurt Vonnegut
 and a dash
of "Tropic Thunder" for a quick book and you'd have
a movie deal before you knew it. Think "Escape From
New York" as the preferred setting for the
interrogation of Bernie Madoff and all the others
both big and small.

Oh, well, if it flies, just send me a check.


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