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Last Angry (Well, Not That Angry) Man

      Reader Jon Marks (he of the National Recycling Network), could be the last angry man. Or, at least the last angry man in the general vicinity of certain fast food restaurants. I love a good, long, seething rant:

      Marks, none of his remarks recycled from other sources, says:


      At least For most of my adult life I have been a bleeding heart liberal in thought, word and deed.  Today I am declaring that I am no longer going to subsidize
those companies that have taken advantage of me for over 40 of my 56 years.
To wit:

1.        I have been drinking at least one cup of black coffee per day since I was 16.  That means that by now I could have taken at least a non-dairy
farm of faux cows home in my coffee along with two or three tractor trailer loads of artificial sweetener for FREE.  I pay the same price for my plain black coffee as the person who quaffs half mud half moo along with an hour glass of sweetener that I subsidize.
2.   Way back when the Golden arches were first erected, there was an up charge of .10 for cheese on their illustrious quarter pound (when frozen, not cooked) burger.  About 20 years ago Corporate decided that everyone should pay for the burger with cheese and it was a special order to have it without.  Not  withstanding the fact that there is no such thing as naturally occurring yellow cheese and that this product in question is a cheese food; if you do not want it on your burger then you still pay the same price. Let’s just say that I have paid to not have enough cheese over 44 years to give everyone in Lambeau field for a Packers’ game at least one slice of yellow cheese food.
3.   About 20 years ago the fast food chains all became known as Self-servearaunts.  No longer would an acne faced teen be filling your cup, hand you a napkin, condiments, and a straw.  It was now our turn to serve ourselves.  I have witnessed for a score of years, and it becomes more rampant every day with the current economy, customers either asking for water cups (my favorite) or the smallest drink size available.  I watch as the free water turns into multiple re-fills of soda or the smallest drink size is constantly refilled.  I have never seen a single customer told no or turned away from a refill even if it is a water cup.   I on the other hand, a father of three, always (until today) order the correct size that I expect to drink.  That is typically a medium or large drink.  How stupid do I feel on a daily basis being an Abe Lincoln Clone when I know full well that I am paying the price for others?      4.    Even though I make my living in part by recycling plastic bags, I hardly ever ask that all of my groceries be put into bags.  Bottles of
laundry detergeant, cases of soda, and the like just do not need bags.  Are my groceries any cheaper because I refuse the bags?  No.

Be it resolved:

The next time I fly Spirit Air and they charge me $2.00 for a cup of black coffee, which they do, I am going to demand each and every creamer and sweetener on the airplane.  I will then price and sell my hoard to cover the
$2.00 and give away the rest.  So there.

The next time I pass through the Golden Arches via the drive through I will order the ¼ pounder with cheese and then in the presence of the drive through clerk I will remove the offending item, place it on a napkin and demand that they put my cheese on top of the cheese destined for the next customer so that they have double the cheese food.

When inside the same restaurant I will order the glass for -  NO I still
can’t do that one.


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