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Where's The Accountability?

     Gabriella, a reader from Miami Beach, worries that professional accountability has become a fast disappearing trait. And she has bases her unhappy conclusion, in part, on her own personal experience working for the famously troubled Miami-Dade Housing Authority.

      It seems to me that NO ONE IS HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANYTHING ANYMORE and the authorities appear to be asleep at the switch... 

      Of course, we all have heard about the Madoff caper, but there are many more similar incidents.
We can start locally with the Miami-Dade Housing Agency for which I worked five years and retired August 2008 and whose scandal was reported by  The Herald in the summer of 2006.  The agency’s former director, Rene Rodriguez, who was 
responsible for awarding millions of  dollars for fraudulent projects, is honeymooning in Coral Gables as if nothing had ever happened.

      The recently uncovered Stanford mess was given approval -- against the advice of attorneys -- by several State of Florida employees one of whom is 
retired and teaching government at the University of Miami!  The other state employees and “regulators” (?) involved in the scandal claim they were in a deep stupor when all this was taking place...

      In a recent issue of the newspaper, we read that the psychological file of Seung-Hui Cho, the student perpetrator of the Virginia Tech massacre, was suddenly turned in by the then-director of the campus clinic, who had taken several student files home. He had not even been questioned by the  
authorities at the time of the event.

      Is it me or are we seeing a total breakdown not only of personal and professional accountability but also of any kind of follow up by the responsible authorities? 



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Do you think the Miami Herald will hold it's reporter accountable for the abhorrent treatment oour Armed Forces and her own colleagues the past four years?

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