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Who Would Own An Insanely Dangerous Pet? Your Insane South Florida Neighbor, That's Who

After the attack of the green mamba in Hollywood, Herald reader Rob Boyte was not surprised:

      It was bound to happen eventually.  I always thought, with the naturalized iguanas that now plague South Florida, and the huge Burmese Pythons that are now naturalized in the Everglades to the point that they are now having hunters go at them, it was just a matter of time before we are confronted with a cobra here.  Well, the first exotic dangerous snake in our midst is actually an African green mamba.

      In South Florida we have more than our share of scofflaws and sociopaths.   In Miami-Dade County If someone gets hit by a car and the driver does not take off - that is news.  Hit and run is the norm.  People being shot for no reason in a store robbery or at a party is all too common.  People keeping illegal pit bulls and training them to be vicious is common, and when their dangerous animal attacks a human, inflicting serious wounds, they actually have the gall to protest loudly because the animal is euthanized while its victim is still in the hospital grateful to be alive.

      So, the question is, who would want to keep a venomous exotic snake?  The answer perhaps; the same sociopathic miscreant who would keep a dangerous dog with no concern for the safety of others.

      Of course complicit in this is the State of Florida, which has not made such dangerous animals illegal, nor have they made violation of that common-sense law more than a slap on the wrist.  Look at the iguanas and the pythons around us and you see that Florida exemplifies the old adage of closing the stable door after the horse has got out.


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So Fred,

I guess you will be happy when the state comes to take away my pet Amazonian Candiru? (Look it up).

Yours truly,


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