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Guess who's planning to get health insurance?


Asked whether they plan to get insurance when the requirement takes effect or pay the fine for not doing so, 65 percent of uninsured Americans said they would get health insurance, reports Politico, based on a Gallup poll out Monday. Twenty-five percent said they would pay the fine.

Almost half the people polled by Gallup, 48 percent, said they planned to use the health insurance exchanges to shop for coverage; 17 percent were uncertain, and 36 percent said the would not.

There's a growing awareness of the Affordable Care Act's individual health insurance mandate, Gallup found. The poll reported 83 percent of Americans saying they're aware of the January 1 deadline to have health insurance. Among the uninsured, 68 percent were aware, including 69 percent of uninsured 18-to 29-year-olds.

In June, only 56 percent of uninsured Americans were aware of the mandate, Politico reports. 

In another poll conducted by  Kaiser Family Foundation/NBC News, people were asked to describe emotions associated with the Affordable Care Act. Over half of hose surveyed, 51 percent, said they were “worried” about the Affordable Care Act, while 49 percent said htey were “confused.”  Read more.

Stay tuned as the individual health insurance opens for real tomorrow, Oct. 1. Share your consumer experiences with us at HeraldHealth@miamiherald.com.


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