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Oct. 1 marketplace launch has some bugs to work out


As healthcare marketplaces around the country prepare to debut on Oct. 1 -- seven days away -- programmers behind the scenes are finding new glitches in their software. Such as? It "can't reliably determine how much people need to pay for coverage," Wall Street Journal reports.

The debugging pains that Microsoft operating system programmers experience are minuscule compared with what government coders must deal with. They have to make some 17 state-built healthcare exchanges and their government-built counterparts interact flawlessly with federal databases that have never before communicated, through a new program called a data hub.

Imagine their pain, with 315 million users and the President waiting to flip the switch.

The Washington Post says to expect glitches in the first days, or months, of the marketplace.   

"Oct. 1 is increasingly being seen by states and outside analysts as a "soft launch," where they will work out the types of kinks in the system that the Wall Street Journal reported on. Because coverage of the new plans doesn't start until Jan. 1, officials believe they have a three-month period to fix bugs and sort out problems without having a significant impact on Americans' access to coverage." Read the story.



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