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People aren't sure they like the Affordable Care Act but don't want to defund it, a new poll finds

The most recent Kaiser Health Tracking Poll surveyed finds that while negative views of the Affordable Care Act continue to outpace positive ones, a majority of the public says they disapprove of cutting off funding as a way to stop the law’s implementation. 

The most common reason for opposition to defunding the ACA is that “using the budget process to stop a law is not the way our government should work,” followed by a belief that “without funding the law will be crippled and won’t work as planned,” and feeling that the law will be “a good thing for the country.”

What do people want to see most in a health plan? The ability to see their own doctor, and a wide range of covered services, the poll reports.  

Other findings of the wide-ranging survey show that doctors, nurses and government agencies are the sources people trust most for information about the ACA -- but those sources aren't where most people are getting their information.

Who's most likely to trust official sources? Young people and Democrats. But while the young are getting informed about the ACA on social media, they don't necessarily trust that source -- and others are sceptical of social media's,information, too.

There's been a slow but steady rise in awareness of the ACA, with a third of people surveyed saying they've actively sought out information about the health law. Its rules and regulations continue to confuse them.

People generally tilt negative,in their feelings about the insurance industry, but when it comes to their own insurance company, insured Americans are much more positive -- 74 percent say they have a have a favorable view of their own insurance company.  See the full survey.








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