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State Rep. Manny Diaz evades protesters seeking healthcare conversation

Representatives of 35 Miami-Dade unions and community groups were frustrated in their hope to get a meeting with Rep. Manny Diaz today to discuss healthcare at his district office in Hialeah.The groups have been trying for three months to meet with Diaz to plead the importance of expanding Medicaid in Florida, but his office has dodged their e-mails and calls.

Diaz, who also works as an administrator at Doral Academy, was out of the office when they arrived to protest his refusal to hear them out on Medicaid expansion.

"His district aid came out and said that he never got the emails," said the group's organizer Deborah Dion. Reportedly the aid went outside, called Diaz at work, and promised the protesters he would set something up with them. With nothing more they could accomplish, the group left.

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Photos courtesy Service Employees International Union, 



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