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Who are Obamacare's winners and losers?


Last week, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services had great Obamacare news: premiums nationwide will “be around 16 percent lower…“…than originally expected.” But as the Herald's Marc Caputo points out, "people don’t care about government expectations. They don’t buy insurance with estimates and projections.

"People pay with money.

"Many will likely pay less under Obamacare, thanks to tax subsidies. Those who earn in excess of four times the federal poverty limit won’t get subsidies and likely would pay more.

"And others will be like Rebecca Reichert of Dania Beach, whose family probably falls somewhere between when it comes to paying premiums.

"Reichert’s middle-class family is a case study in Obamacare costs and benefits, and how the president’s promises could play in Florida.

"Under the lowest-cost Obamacare plan averages, Reichert might be able to save about 9 percent monthly; but under the highest-cost average plan she could pay up to 78 percent more, according to preliminary estimates produced for The Miami Herald by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

“I was hoping it would be more affordable,” Reichert said.

"But relative to what the market offers now, Reichert notes, her family would get more for less thanks to tax subsidies. Her husband, who has a pre-existing condition, is uninsurable now but would finally get coverage.

"So Reichert’s family could ditch her three-person, $700 monthly plan and get a four-person plan for an average as low as $636 after tax credits.Under the Affordable Care Act, she should have better benefits, limits on co-pays and deductibles, and more of a guarantee that her insurance company spends her money on coverage instead of profits."

For Miami builder Eddy Gugliotta, who makes too much for subsidies,it's another story. Under one scenario, Gugliotta might have to pay three times more. And though he’ll get better insurance, the cost could be too high.He'll likely stick with his existing coverage, reports Caputo. Read more.

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