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Will Miami-Dade defy Gov. Rick Scott's Obamacare navigator ban?


Miami-Dade, Florida’s largest county and the one with the largest number of uninsured, is making plans to join Broward and defy Gov. Rick Scott’s decision banning Obamacare coordinators from operating at local health departments, the Herald's Marc Caputo reports. 

Miami-Dade’s mayor and commissioners began weighing the decision Tuesday as Broward County voted overwhelmingly to allow the so-called “navigators” at health departments to spread the word about, and sign people up for, new Affordable Healthcare Act plans that could come online Oct. 1.

“We welcome the federal government doing that,” Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez said. “From my understanding, it’s just helping people navigate the new laws. I don’t see any problems with that.”

Gimenez, a Republican like Scott, and Broward’s Democratic mayor, Kristin Jacobs, said they don’t share the governor’s concerns that the navigators would compromise people’s personal information.

“My concern is really about privacy. Taking personal information and sharing it,” Scott said last week. “They ought to tell us what they are going to do.”

Unlike Broward, Miami-Dade’s 13-member commission is majority Republican, though the board and mayor serve in nonpartisan posts. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans in Miami-Dade.

Also, unlike Broward — where the county owns most of the health-department buildings — there’s uncertainty in Miami-Dade over the ownership of facilities operated by the local health department.

It’s a crucial question because the state has a harder time dictating what happens on premises if it doesn’t own the buildings. Read more.  


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