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Excluding childless adults from public benefits costs as well as saves money in this viewpoint


Because Florida didn’t expand Medicaid, close to one million people won’t get help with healthcare because the earn to much to qualify for state Medicaid, but too little to qualify for a subsidized health plan.  While that affects poor parents and their children, the biggest losers are childless adults, according to an interesting New York Times Editorial Board opinion piece.

Nationwide, “According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, at least four million childless adults living near or below the poverty line will be denied coverage in the holdout states. Of those, 60 percent are men. They are part of a population of 26 million impoverished adults in the United States, of whom 16 million are childless.”

This isn’t new. Anti-poverty programs in general have left out childless adults because of social and cultural beliefs about protecting who we consider to be the most vulnerable: children, mothers, and our elders. Food stamps and earned income tax credits also place heavy constraints on childless adults, the NYT notes. Its opinion supports Medicaid expansion because the current program excludes such a wide swathe of the population, placing a drag on the economy.  Read more.


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