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Nevermind about Obamacare. Healthcare for most Americans is already subsidized, says report


While Florida and other states have resisted Obamacare's intrusion into what they consider private markets, much of healthcare as we know it is already subsidized in some form by government, reports the Washington Post. That includes not only Medicare and Medicaid, but also, the employer health insurance programs that cover most Americans.

"Government for decades has directly subsidized individuals’ costs of employer-based health care, to the tune of roughly $250 billion every year," says the report. 

It works like this: When employers do their taxes, they deduct the cost of the heath insurance they buy for their employees as a business expense.  On top of that, the value of the healthcare that you receive as an employee doesn't have to be reported as part of your taxable income.

While cash bonuses and other compensation are taxable, essentially, employee healthcare is tax-free for the employer and the employee. 

"So today, 140 million Americans (including members of Congress) directly receive government subsidies when they get health-care coverage through their employers."  Read the story.


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