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One of Obamacare's first enrollees strikes gold, figuratively speaking


A Rhode Island woman is one of the first Americans to enroll in a health plan on her state's online healthcare marketplace, reports Kaiser Health News. Leslie Peters, who lives in Tiverton, RI, hasn't been able to afford health coverage or regular medical care for five years. "That’s why as soon as the state exchange HealthSource RI went live Tuesday, “I was so excited,” Peters said.

Peters, who had been excluded from coverage because of food allergies and a bout with depression, chose a “gold” tier health plan offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island  that offers low co-pays and deductibles. Based on her projected 2014 annual income of $19,000, her gold plan qualified for a federal subsidy, lowering her monthly premium to  $217 a month. 

Rhode Island is one of 14 states enrolling people into its own Affordable Care Act exchange. The other states are relying on the federal exchange at healthcare.gov, reports KHN. 

Peters said t took her 15 minutes to fill out information on the HealthSource web site. She spent more time on the insurer’s website exploring what doctors and hospitals were in the health plan networks.

Across the country, reports have circulated that bronze and silver HMO plans on the healthcare marketplaces have especially narrow provider networks. But Peters's gold plan had a wide range of providers, including the ones she wanted. Read the story.


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