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One of Obamacare's "urban legends" really is a legend

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On Sunday the Herald reported on the "urban legends" of Obamacare -- the few known people who have enrolled in health plans on the federally-run marketplace that launched with fatal bugs on Oct. 1. But   reason.com, the Washington Post and others report that one of them, Chad Henderson of Georgia, is just that.

Henderson, a student who works part-time at a day care center and lives in Flintstone, GA, first came to major media attention through an Oct. 1 tweet -- "enrolled in #Obamacare just now!" -- and a tip fropm Enroll America, a non-profit organization whose mission is to spread awareness of the Affordable Care Act.

Henderson told the Washington Post and other outlets that he purchased a health insurance plan with a $175 monthly premium on the federally-run Georgia exchange. 

But details of his story haven't been consistent, according to reason.com, which interviewed Henderson's father. Bill. Henderson, Sr. said that while his son had looked at healthcare plans on the exchange, he has not yet enrolled in one. 

Finally, the Washington Post spoke with Henderson himself, who confirmed that he has not yet purchased coverage. He claims to have told reporters only that he completed the application for coverage, and therefore didn't lie. 

"I never said I chose a specific plan. But the number I gave you, the $175 or $200 or whatever, that is the plan I am choosing," Henderson told the Washington Post. Read the story.




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