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Sen. Bill Nelson adds to clamor over rocky Healthcare.gov launch


Florida’s U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is calling for someone’s head amidst the finger-pointing in Washington over the failure of the online health insurance marketplace that was supposed to launch the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, Health News Florida reports. 

Since it was rolled out Oct. 1, many people, including this Herald reporter, are unable to create accounts, much less see what subsidies they may qualify for or enroll in heatlhcare plans.  

Speaking to reporters in his Tampa office, Sen. Nelson said, "It is ridiculous that it's not working and somebody ought to be fired.”  Who that somebody should be Nelson didn't say. GOP leaders have called for it to be Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Nelson thinks the website should be fixed before taking the responsible person(s) to task. Not a bad idea, since no one really knows yet who that is.

Florida's Republican Senator Marco Rubio would like to see the Affordable Care Act's mandatory requirement for individuals to buy health insurance postponed because of Healthcare.gov's problems. Some Democrats, too, are joining the call for various deadline extensions as their re-election campaigns get underway,

Nelson said he doesn't want to see the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate delayed. 



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