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VIDEO: A face transplant eases the damage of domestic violence

The subject of this gentle New York Times video is Carmen Tarleton, a Vermont women who received a new face from a donor who died of a stroke. Ms. Tarleton, 45, virtually lost her own face after a surprise visit from her estranged husband, who beat her with a baseball bat and doused her in industrial lye.   

Tarleton underwent the still-experimental transplant procedure at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Of some two dozen full or partial transplants have been completed worldwide, five have been performed at Brigham and Women's, reports NYT.  

As the video explains, Ms. Tarleton's face isn't really "hers" yet, because it takes time for the new physical features to grow into and connect with her own muscles. Little by little, they are. 

As that happens, she'll be able to express her own thoughts and feelings with the face that once did that for someone else.  Read the story.



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