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77 Florida hospitals fall short in Medicare's quality rating program


More hospitals are receiving penalties than bonuses in the second year of Medicare’s quality incentive program, and the average penalty is steeper than it was last year, Kaiser Health News reports.

 Medicare's quality rating system is based on two dozen quality measurements, patient satisfaction surveys. and, for the first time, death rates. Nationwide, 1,231 hospitals are receiving bonuses for their quality ratings, while 1,451 under-performing hospitals are being paid less for each Medicare patient they treat.

Hospitals in Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Utah and Wisconsin are faring the best, with 60 percent or more of hospitals getting higher payments, according to a Kaiser Health News analysis. Medicare is reducing reimbursement rates for at least two-thirds of hospitals in 17 states, including California, Connecticut, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Washington and Wyoming, as well as the District of Columbia. 

In Florida, out of 159 hospitals, 88 are receiving bonuses while 77 are paying penalties. See how each one did in this interactive chart.

Psychiatric, rehab, long-term care, children's hospitals, and cancer treatment facilities that Medicare pays based on ore-determined, fixed amounts are exempt from the quality reviews.

The bonuses and penalties are one piece of the health care law’s efforts to create financial incentives for doctors and hospitals to provide better care, reports KHN. The incentives are among the few cost-control provisions that have kicked in, but it is too early to tell how effective they will be in making hospitals operate more efficiently. 

By flowing the rating data into its consumer portal, Hospital Compare, consumers can see quality measurements for one or all the hospitals in their zip code. Read the story.




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