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Healthcare.gov fixers aim for 80 percent user success by month's end


The Healthcare.gov experience has gotten much better for some of us at FloridaHealthwatch, to the point that one of our editors has done everything short of enrolling, while this reporter has almost completed the application. (The error meassage above happens -- repeatedly -- when trying to submit the application. Has this happened to you?)

The Obama administration's promise that the federally run online health insurance marketplace will steadily improve until, at the end of November, it will work smoothly for "the majority of people," now has a performance goal tied to it, reports the Washington Post.

"The goal is that 80 percent of people going to HealthCare.gov should manage to enroll electronically — but that means that many others, perhaps tens of thousands, will not succeed," WaPo reports.  

That means the Healthcare.gov toll-free call center, insurance agents, and other forms of assistance will be needed to help those who don't get through. Read the story.



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