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Scientists find antidote to Thanksgiving morning-afters

Mike's dinner

Scientists at the University of Bath in England have looked inside the fat cells of 26 young male subjects and found that the effects of too much pie and football watching on our health can be offset by daily exercise, reports the New York TImes. 

After confirming that their metabolisms were normal, the scientists divided the men into two groups and instructed both of them to reduce their activity levels and double their calorie consumption for seven days. The difference: One group exercised on a treadmill for 45 minutes each day.

After the test period, the no-excercise group's blood sugar control had declined, and their fat cells were affecting the genes that scientists believe contribute to a healthy metabolism. But the daily exercisers survived the gluttonous week with their blood sugars intact, while their fat cells were much better behaved.   

Together the groups demonstrated how over-eating and inactivity even for a short period erode our body's health regulators, and how exercise fights back. Read the story. 



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