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White House says insurers can allow people on cancelled policies to stay on them in 2014


Bowing to pressure, President Barack Obama on Thursday announced a change to the healthcare law allowing insurance companies to keep offering consumers plans that would otherwise be cancelled, reports the Herald.

This means 300,000 Floridians who received cancellation notices from their insurers can stay on their health plan in 2014. It's up to the insurance companies to give customers the option, however. 

The administrative changes are good for just one year, but could be extended, AP reports.

Democrats facing re-election put pressure on President Obama to relent on the policy cancellation issue, concerned that controversy over the health law would affect next year's mid-term elections. 

"While officials said insurance companies will now be able to offer those people the option to renew their old plans, companies are not required to take that step," the AP says. Read the story.



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