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ACA or no ACA, the poor must be resourceful to find health coverage

Western North Carolina

An interesting report from Kaiser Health News desribes how a woman in the mountains of Western North Carolina managed to sign up for Obamacare. The county where she lives is rural and poor, and since North Carolina didn't expand Medicaid, she and most of her neighbors fall into a coverage gap -- too little income for Obamacare but too much for the current Medicaid program. 

So now, the name of the game is the workaround – inventive ways that low-income consumers can earn enough to reach the poverty line ($11,500 for a single person) in order to qualify for a subsidy, KHN writes. Navigators see the same thing in Florida, too.

In this case, the woman, who cleans houses for a living, also sells ginseng grown in her yard, giving her just enough income to nudge above the poverty line. Now she has coverage on the exchange with a large subsidy. Read and listen to the story.




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