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Cut, paste, and the cost of electronic healthcare fraud


Healthcare's new Holy Grail, electronic health records or EHR, came in for some criticism from a new federal report that says the government has failed to safeguard against the use of the technology to overbill consumers and inflate costs, the New York Times reports. 

Of particular concern is the cloning cut-and-paste function that most of us use every day to shift information around on the fly. The two keystrokes save time, but they can also be used to "cut" a lower-cost service the patient received, and "paste" a higher cost service into the electronic record. 

The report says the resulting overcharges to Medicare could run to hundreds of millions of dollars, NYT reports.

The lack of attention to security undercuts the Obama administration's $22 billion push to promote EHR as a way to lower healthcare costs.  Read more.



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