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For Florida women, healthcare access is yet another disparity


A report released Thursday by the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) highlights troubling disparities between low-income women with and without health insurance. 

In Florida, where approximately 464,000 women fall in the “coverage gap,” with incomes below the poverty level but ineligible for the state’s current Medicaid program:  

>   62.3% of low-income uninsured women have needed to see a doctor in the last 12 months but could not due to cost, compared to31.9% of low-income insured women.

>   44.5% of low-income uninsured women have a personal doctor or health care provider, compared to 85.5% of low-income insured women.

>   62.1% of low-income uninsured women report having a “regular checkup” in the last two years, compared to 89.6% of low-income insured women.

>   37.2% of low-income uninsured women have had a mammogram in the last two years, versus 72.7% of low-income insured women. Learn more.  


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