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South Florida agents enroll 4,000 Haitian-Americans in Obamacare

Raymond Francois, an insurance agent and director of New Vision Taxi Driver Association, has been talking up Obamacare on his weekend radio show Taxi Cowboys, broadcasting in Haitian Creole to 700,000 South Florida homes on 1700 AM. Francois is one of over 40 Haitian-American agents who joined forces to sell affordable health plans in their communities. Together, they've signed up over 4,000 people for health coverage, and counting. Video by Patricia Borns/Miami Herald staff.

While the White House has focused on enrolling the country’s Hispanic population in health plans, a group of Haitian-American insurance agents in South Florida have seized the opportunity to bring health coverage to their own communities where they estimated seven out of 10 people are uninsured.

“I call myself an activist, not an insurance agent,” said Raymond Francois, who hosts a local radio show in Creole when he’s not working as an insurance agent or as director of the New Vision Taxi Drivers Association in Miami-Dade County. “I want people to be able to see a doctor instead of waiting until they’re so sick they have to go to the emergency room.”

Together, Francois and about 40 other agents have signed up 4,000 people for health coverage, he said. They hope to sign up another 1,000 by March 31 when the open enrollment period ends.

“Before the health law, traditional health insurance wasn’t affordable in our community. My agency sold mainly life insurance,” said Jean Derosier, whose Fort Lauderdale-based Fundamental Life and Health Insurance Agency serves as an umbrella for agents in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. “Now we sell more health Read more.






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