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Last day to enroll in a 2014 health plan

Since the supposed Affordable Care Act enrollmend deadline of March 31, insurance agents, navigators and certified application counselors have been manning their computer stations helping more people sign up for health plans under the "grace period" the White House extended to those who didn't have time to finish the sign-up process because of long lines or technical difficulties.  Images-1

All of that ends today. April 15 is a real deadline.  

The extension issued by the Obama administration technically includes people who are already in the computer system of their state or federal exchange, or who couldn't get through to a call center, enrollment office or other resource because of high volume.   

But insurance companies have been especially loose in interpreting the extension to include anyone who wants a health plan. Because the extension depends on an honor system to certify that you're signing up late with cause, agents are likely to tell you, "Don't worry, we can help you." 

If you don't enroll, you can expect to pay a fee.

Look up a listing of enrollment assisters in your area here.

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