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Union workers fight for Medicaid expansion one door at a time

Screen shot 2014-04-14 at 7.30.14 AMThe state healthcare workers’ union has a new strategy in its fight to expand Medicaid coverage: reaching out to voters “who’ve been screwed out of healthcare coverage by their representative’s refusal to act.”

SEIU Florida will be knocking on doors this weekend in four state House districts.

The targeted lawmakers include Republican Reps. Manny Diaz Jr. of Hialeah; Erik Fresen of Miami, Kathleen Peters of St. Petersburg and Bill Hager of Delray Beach. See a heat map by district of who's uninsured.

Each lawmakers represents more than 4,600 residents who are missing out on coverage, according to an analysis by the union. Read more.  


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Denise Rasmussen

I think it is a sad day when elected officials would rather see their constituants suffer and DIE than vote for anything. Smelling remotely Democratic. It sickens me this WAR ON THE POOR!!!!! When these so called officials meet their maker what will they say when asked why they chose to let tens of thousands suffer and die.

Patricia Borns

Thanks, Denise. Florida's opposition to Medicaid expansion is strongly entrenched, so it will be interesting to see if the appeal to voters is effective. If you study the heat map, it appears that some Democratic districts also have high numbers of people who fall in the coverage gap.

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