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I should've known

South Dade might be one of the youngest teams in Dade County, but I'm gonna call this one right now. They're going to spoil at least one playoff favorite's season in District 16-6A.

A couple of names that might be household by season's end, senior defensive lineman John Smith (6-3, 269). I lost count how many tackles for loss this kid had last night against Columbus. As Rudy Rodriguez-Chomat kept telling me on the sidelines, "He's in the backfield on every play."

And this South Dade team can pass. Sophomore Dontravius Floyd should have a solid season and look for him to develop into one of the better WR in the county in the future.

As for Columbus, it may have just been Week 1, but they better use the next 2 weeks wisely before the Chiefs come calling.