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Let's get it started

Three hours and counting. It's opening night for high school football. With the first post, I'd like to say, Let the games begin!

Now hopefully, it will stop raining by 6:30.


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SOUTHRIDGE what a performance!!!! so how do they rank now???


I have a question for the editor for high school games, you said that chacon lee score a touchdown and caught a ball for 40yards me and you must have been to two different games because #8 darren fulton was the player that did both of those plays give props where its due.


there is a linebacker at coral reef middle, who wasnt profiled as a stud and he is. hes a sophmore starting and varsity and he had an interception to make sure they won last night. BEN SUAREZ is an all dade linebacker and the herald needs to start making note of it. keep your eyes out, he has the potential to go to the U and be a stud


hey man the paper is all wrong palmer trinity beat doral not the other way around. and when its listing people from palmer u have guys that i have never even heard of. who ever did that piece needs to get there stuff straight.


What do you expect from Braddock this time.?

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