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flrunners invitational!!

We couldn't get this in since the race ended late Friday night, but here's a quick breakdown of what Dade runners did at the FLRunners.com Invitational.

This might be in the paper soon. But for people who don't want to wait until Monday or Tuesday, here it is:

   Belen's Guillermo Echarte finished fourth at the boys' Race
of Champions of the seventh annual FLRunners.com Invitational
late Friday night at the Ed Radice Sports Complex in Tampa.

   Flagler Palm Coast's Anthony Morales won the race in
15:28.61. Echarte ran a time of 15:41.06, the highest time by
a Miami-Dade County runner in the prestigious race often
referred to as the "pre-state meet," that included 25 teams
and 175 runners from around the country. Gulliver's Phillip
Woerner placed 11th in 15:55.30. The Wolverines finished fifth
as a team, while Gulliver finished 13th.

   Westminster Christian seventh-grader Nicole Carpio was
Dade's highest finisher in the girls' Race of Champions,
placing 11th in 18:47.58. Wellington's Ashley Brasovan ran
away with the title in 16:41.42. Lourdes didn't post a runner
in the top 20, but finished third as a team behind champion
Jacksonville Episcopal and runner-up Satellite Beach
Satellite. The Bobcats' top finisher was freshman Christina
Brea a 22nd in 19:34.45.

   • Invitational races: Also at the FLRunners meet, Varela
junior Christopher Harris placed 10th in the boys'
Invitational race in 16:39.64 to lead the Vipers to a
fifth-place finish. Varela's Jason Tyrell (16th) and Killian's
Jesus Batista (24th) were the only other Dade runners in the
top 25.

   In the Girls' Invitational, Ransom Everglades junior Nehali
Patel finished sixth in 19:36.49 to lead the Raiders to a
fourth-place finish. Dade Christian followed in fifth place,
while Ferguson finished ninth. Ransom's Michelle Robinson
finished 12th, while Braddock's Maria Valdivia finished 14th
and Dade Christian's Giselle Suarez placed 15th. Coral Reef's
Catherine Edmonson finished 20th.

   • Large school races: Sunset's James Curry finished 11th
and was Dade's top runner in the large school varsity race.
The Knights were Dade's only top 10 team, placing seventh.
Varela's Kiara Soave finished 28th in the girls' race to lead
Dade runners. Killian was the top team in 18th place.
   • Small school races: Miami Country Day's Dean Frankel led
Dade runners in the boys' small-school varsity race with a
14th-place finish, and the Spartans were Dade's top team in
12th place. In the girls' race, Palmer Trinity sixth-grader
placed 12th. Miami Country Day was the top Dade team in
seventh place.

For the full results, go to flrunners.com. Enjoy!


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