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I love rivalry games

Last night's Hialeah-HML game reminded of why I love rivalry games.

Even though the game didn't live up to the energy of the fans, the atmosphere was crazy.

Both sides screamed that the other side "stinks" for lack of a better word.

But creativity points as well as the victory went to the Thoroughbreds.

Warning: the following may be a bit explicit....just kidding.

Fans tossed around inflated condoms like they were balloons, mocking HML's nickname - the Trojans.

But the highlight was a sign carried by the Hialeah cheerleaders that read: Trojans are disposable. We use them and abuse them.

Good thing there were over 20 cops, including the gang unit there to maintain order.

On more serious notes, I heard Hialeah linebacker Adewale Ojomo was offered by Tennessee. He'll end up as one of Dade's biggest signees. Last night, he showed prowess on defense with a sack and was effective on offense, lining up at tight end to open holes for running back Paris Cotton.

Cotton looks like he could end up as one of Dade's better backs over the next 2 years. Another junior to watch out for as a big recruit next year is 6-4 tight end/defensive lineman Cory Liujet. He's a truck in the open field and took more than one tackler to bring down on each of his catches. He's gotta work on holding on to the ball a little bit, but it was a rainy night so I'm sure he's forgiven by the Hialeah staff.


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Did You Know...

Belen Jesuit has a 14 game winning streak (Immokalee had some illegal activity going on last year that cost them their season last year, as well as respect and credibility)

Martin Rodriguez

You know Dre’ you guys had Chris Masson ranked so highly to start the year and your man has turned out to be a horrible quarterback. Have you seen him this year? This guy really stinks Dre. Everyone knows Jaren Jones is the reason why the b winnin anyway, what have him and Matt Gunn done? Nothin except run they mouths. Maybe he shoulda stayed over at Coral Park huh? Lol. Not like hes been recruited anway. The reason his team does not win is simple man. He stinks! I’ve been to all of there games, on the sideline, and he is a horrible leader. I think he should stop thinking about his girlfriend, the cheerleader, on the sideline and worry more about what the West is gonna do to him and his team. The guy does nothing but point the finger @ his teammates anyway. Gr8 leader he is. Karma stinks. Lol. Go CP!!!!

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