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I was very surprised when I found out Wednesday afternoon there would be games this week. It's no so much the fact of teams losing practice days, I mean coaches know how to deal with hurricanes down here. It's the sudden turnaround to play after everyone was told the week was cancelled. In the past games have been cancelled, then if they can be made up, they have been at much later dates.

The teams playing Saturday at least get the chance to get a little more work in. Maybe an ideal solution might have been pushing a few games to Monday in cases where teams weren't playing until next Friday or Saturday.

In any case, we've got football, but it might be some ugly football through no fault of the players and coaches. Let's hope the injuries are few as well.


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Jerry Hughes' Neighbor

Let's be real. Almost every team that has a chance to do anything was more than likely practicing on Wednesday. They can't go on record and say it because then they would have the fate of Homestead which had to forfeit because it practiced and then made a kid who didn't show up run because he wasn't able to make it to the practice. Big mistake cause when momma found out, a call was made and the Broncos were forced to forfeit.

But the reality is that most teams practiced Wednesday regardless. It was a sunny nice day that afternoon, just a tad windy, but not weather that would be dangerous to practice in.

What irks me is when I read a coach say he didn't have a chance to gameplan. That's horse poop. Anyone who has played football knows that his head coach generally has a gameplan done by Sunday and is ready to give a tendencies report to his players Monday and most teams watch film on Monday after a game. That's what a coach is supposed to do. Unfortunately, at HML, Jerry Hughes claimed otherwise. I understand Armando Allen is out for most of the year, if not the entire season with a bad injury. But that doesn't give you a reason to chicken out of a game against Booker T. that would more than likely be a rout. For some kids, football ends at the end of their senior season in high school. They don't play college football. Hughes took away one more chance to play football in a competitive atmospher for some kids. If I was on his team, I'd be PISSED. That could have been the game that some under the radar kid could have had a big time performance against a big time team and earned a scholarship somewhere because of it. And with more possible Hurricanes on the horizon, he may have turned a 10 game season into a 7 game season if some more storms come our way, and they will with the panic mode we go into in Miami-Dade every year now.

When I hear coaches give injury as an excuse, it irritates me because if you have the fear of injury, then you shouldn't play or coach football. You shouldn't play or coach ANY sport. Period. Play and coach chess or video games. Not football. Is it more likely for a kid to get hurt in a football game because he only got ONE day of practice rather than TWO? No. If you get hurt, you get hurt. That's life. Some players get hurt in practice in helmets and shorts. I mean come on. That's straight garbage. I played football in high school and no one liked to practice. If we could just play game after game, we would have gladly done that instead and never practiced. Most real ball players would love to have 20 game seasons.

So let's not make the excuses about practice when the reality is every other high school in Miami is happy to play because that's what players and coaches want to do. They WANT to coach and they WANT to play.

It's a sad day when football coaches have softened up so much that they don't have that fire to play a game that only gives 10 games a season to begin with. That tells me it's time for someone to retire.

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